CNF Outliers: In introduction to the flash essay, prose poem, lyric essay & hermit crab essay
Next session: September 2018

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Course fee: $349 USD

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Introducing CNFO2: Visual Art Inspired CNF!

Next session: June 18-July 30, 2018

Learn 4 powerful “visual” approaches to telling your stories

Whether you’re a CNF Outlier or a creative nonfiction novice, this course will show you how to produce new, unconventional personal narratives with four forms inspired by visual art.

Join a small cohort of 10 learners led by award-winning writer, Nicole Breit, for an eye-opening 6-week exploration of the panel essay (diptych and triptych), the visual essay, and the decentered hermit crab essay.

Students will read the work of diverse essayists writing on the far outer edges of CNF, whose essays marry image and text, story and structure.

By the end of the course, writers will have a deeper understanding of how to produce more dynamic and memorable work using the tools of textual and visual storytelling.

Course Schedule and Fee

Week 1: Intro to Four Visual CNF Forms
Week 2: The Diptych Essay
Week 3: The Triptych Essay
Week 4: The Visual Essay
Week 5: The Decentered Hermit Crab Essay
Week 6: Maintaining Momentum in Your Writing Life: The “Gift” of Being Stuck

Course Fee: $349 USD payable to nicole(at) via Paypal

“Nicole’s course on CNF inspired by visual art introduced me to experimental forms that pushed the boundaries of non-fiction storytelling even further, coupling text and image, story and structure. It fostered new ways to enhance my creativity and access to story, visual journalling being a favourite. I feel like Nicole has started a CNF revolution, bringing new forms and new voices together.”
~ Rowan McCandless, Winner, Room magazine’s 2017 CNF Award

“After CNF Outliers sparked what became my first published essay, I was eager to learn more. CNF Outliers 2 has delivered more inspiration with new, creative forms that have endless possibilities for sharing stories and catching an editor’s eye. With provocative examples and heaps of encouragement, Nicole deepens the ways we can express ourselves. I’m excited about the parts of the stories that emerge in the negative spaces and in the relationships between the elements of these CNF forms. I’m having so much fun!”
~ Deanna Partridge-David, author of “Lost and Found”

“CNF Outliers is addictive! It’s magical how quickly I can write and revise high-quality essays with the structure of Nicole’s lessons and feedback.”
~ Yolande House, three-time student of CNF Outliers and author of “HEAR ME”, published in PRISM International