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Shortlisted: Room’s 2015 Poetry Prize

What makes a poem? I've asked songwriters this question. "What inspired this? How did this amazing thing happen? Where do songs come from?" When I asked my friend, Eryn, she shrugged, raising her hands as if to say "I don't know" but also laughing a bit as she gestured mysteriously to the heavens. With songs… Continue reading Shortlisted: Room’s 2015 Poetry Prize

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My New Gig: Barbie Fashion Designer

This week I embarked on a whole new chapter in creativity. I took on the challenge of making clothes for my daughter's Barbie. I'd never thought I'd have the patience for sewing on such a small scale. Now I see that this experiment could lead to a lot of time spent at my beloved avocado… Continue reading My New Gig: Barbie Fashion Designer

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Creativity. Spirituality. Personal growth.

Welcome to my world! I'm a writer, artist and all around crafty lady. I'm also a mom who runs a home based business so I have the flexibility to be there for my kids. I'm married to a fellow bookworm who supports the decisions I make to nurture my creativity. We live in the beautiful… Continue reading Creativity. Spirituality. Personal growth.