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Shortlisted: Room’s 2015 Poetry Prize

What makes a poem? I've asked songwriters this question. "What inspired this? How did this amazing thing happen? Where do songs come from?" When I asked my friend, Eryn, she shrugged, raising her hands as if to say "I don't know" but also laughing a bit as she gestured mysteriously to the heavens. With songs… Continue reading Shortlisted: Room’s 2015 Poetry Prize

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My Great Uncle, The Poet

You probably have a legend in your family. A relative you may have never met, but whose story is important and has been passed down to you. This young man is my Uncle Gab. He was made an RCAF Sargeant in December 1940, and was killed in a training accident over Scotland in July 1941.… Continue reading My Great Uncle, The Poet