noun | out·li·er | \ˈau̇t-ˌlī(-ə)r\

  1. someone who stands apart from others, as by differing behaviour, beliefs or practices;
  2. an observation that is well outside of the expected range of values in a study or experiment, and which is often discarded from the data set;
  3. a point in a sample widely separated from the main cluster of points in the sample.

Hi, I’m Nicole Breit

I’m a poet, essayist, and writing mentor. I help writers move past resistance to unlock their deepest, truest stories as they explore creative nonfiction’s genre-bending forms.

I believe great writing comes down to desire, inspiration, and craft. If you want to write, the spark of story is already burning inside you. Craft, like any skill, can be learned.

After mentoring writers for 15 years (and learning from my own erratic if persistent writing practice), I know how amazing it feels to finish a draft, experience breakthroughs, and get your stories out in the world.

Writer, you’re in the right place. I’m here to help.

I’m the creator of CNF Outliers

CNF Outliers is more than an e-course. It was designed as a premium learning experience for novice and experienced creative nonfiction writers.

In my past profession as a teacher my work was guided by an understanding of pedagogy, the seven different learning styles, and student-centered approaches to education. CNF Outliers is for writers who want to dive deep into craft, form, and structure with the support of a knowledgeable, compassionate mentor.

In this in-depth e-learning experience I don’t hold back: I’ve pulled together everything I’ve learned about writing and publishing boundary-pushing creative nonfiction. I also consult the experts (accomplished writers and editors of literary journals that publish CNF) to enrich my discussions of the forms we explore including the flash essay, prose poem, lyric essay, and hermit crab essay.

My expertise is rooted in both passion and personal experience. I’m a voracious reader and my CNF has won awards. In 2016 my mixed time-lapse essay, “An Atmospheric Pressure” won Room magazine’s annual CNF contest and was selected as a Notable essay in the 2017 edition of Best American Essays. My lyric essay, “Spectrum” won the carte blanche/CNFC award the same year.

My genre-bending creative non-fiction has appeared in a number of well-regarded print and online literary journals including carte blanche, Hippocampus, Archer, The Puritan, and Room magazine.

In these craft articles I share some of the techniques I introduce in the CNF Outliers e-course 
5 Hacks to Make Your CNF More Compelling

5 Questions for an Award Winning CNF Writer
4 New Ways to Tell Your Stories
On Seeking the Truth in Our Stories
Answering the Call: On Writing About Trauma and Loss

CNF Outliers is offered just a few times a year. The next session is planned for May/June 2018.

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In most things, I’m a bit of an outlier

∗ Born under the sign of the twins, I can’t deny I’m drawn to duality in people, life and art.
∗ I’m equally passionate about poetry and prose, identify as bi, call myself an atheist/believer.
∗ My Briggs-Meyer type is INFP; my tribe comprises just 4% of the population.
∗ Music is a passion that appeals to both mind and heart, and fuels so much of my work.
∗ The music, art and writing I love most explores the in-betweens. Embraces the edge.
∗ This list reads a bit like a lyric essay.
∗ I love guiding writers who want to experiment with genre-bending forms—especially the ones struggling with vulnerable stories—so they can tell their truths in brave new ways. That’s what I’m here to do.