creative writing, creativity, spirituality

Creativity. Spirituality. Personal growth.

Nicole Breit sketchbookWelcome to my world!

I’m a writer, artist and all around crafty lady. I’m also a mom who runs a home based business so I have the flexibility to be there for my kids. I’m married to a fellow bookworm who supports the decisions I make to nurture my creativity. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest on the northern side of the 49th parallel.

Our home is a cozy, smallish townhouse with a fireplace in my favourite writing room. Pretty much any day of the week our place smells like home baking and craft supplies. There’s also a lot of paper in our home. Novels, true crime, personal essays, and how-to type books vie for space alongside my daughter’s home reading, my son’s preschool art work, bills, invoices, client notes, coursework and my current book-in-progress.

Every day I make stuff. For me, creativity is both spiritual practice and an important process for personal growth. When I’m attuned to creative energy and working with it I feel purposeful. I love connecting with other creatives. I feel alive when I write for myself and divinely useful when I help others communicate through my work as a freelance writer and editor.

My blog is the place where my heart meets the art I care about and am striving toward making. You’ll also get a dose of spirituality here, as I believe that self-expression is sacred, and also the way we find our way back to our souls, and to the divine wow.



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