I’m Nicole Breit, an award-winning essayist and poet with a passion for helping writers find new ways to tell their stories.

Students of my online creative writing courses are poets, fiction writers and CNF lovers who want to explore innovative approaches to the personal essay — and writers who want to use storytelling to process their stories of grief and loss.

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“Nicole was an amazing teacher! Under her tutelage, I learned so much about the CNF genre. From the first draft through to revision, Nicole provided compassionate mentorship, and it was her encouragement that led me to submit my very first piece of CNF, ‘A Map of the World’ to Room’s 2017 CNF contest.”
~ Rowan Smith-McCandless, Winner of Room magazine’s 2017 CNF award

“To say ‘A Year for Ectoplasm’ was difficult to write would be a grievous understatement. I am so grateful to Nicole and her e-course for helping me to find the framework to tell this difficult story. Nicole’s passion for CNF and for her students is palpable; her feedback gentle, encouraging, and insightful. CNF Outliers challenged me to be brave, to experiment with storytelling and structure, and to allow myself to get my most honest words on the page. Thank you, Nicole, for lending me support, courage, and inspiration.”
~ Emily Kellogg, Finalist for Room magazine’s 2017 CNF award

“The welcoming attitude and positive feedback stand out for me about this course. Learning the names of sub-genres which I may have noticed but not previously have identified–flash fiction, prose poem, lyric essay (especially the braid), and hermit crab. Trying out each form was such fun. Especially the hermit crab. Now I see possibilities everywhere. I open my file cabinet drawer, and there’s a piece of CNF: Bills, Books, Buses (routes & tours), Courses, Divorce, Dreams (house), Dreams (journal), Embers, Envision (credit union), Estate (Mum’s), Fashion (almost empty), Health, House Sale, Insurance (condo), Insurance (travel), Investments, Manuals, Power of Attorney (for a friend), Transcripts, Will. The world is full of empty shells just waiting to hide my stories. Nicole has helped me see.”
~ J.M. Bridgeman, Author of Here In Hope: A Natural History and Embers


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